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Welcome to Lott Fitness Center!

Lott Fitness Center is a full-service center featuring the latest in cardio and exercise equipment and free weights. The center offers affordable memberships and fitness plans to meet the needs of any household or fitness goal. Members are top priority. We offer cardio entertainment systems, free daily locker use, towel service and full shower facilities. Our Fairfield location includes a full studio and free child care! Our atmosphere is both friendly and professional.

Please download our Fitness Center brochure (PDF format) for more information.

We also offer physical therapy and employment testing through the Lott Physical Therapy clinic. Please visit the Lott Physical Therapy website for more information.

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After a year-long post-professional residency program, many full weekends of classes, a very difficult exam, and months of waiting, Dr Lott, Dr Cress and Dr Devanna, are officially Board Certified Orthopedic Specialists. This is quite an accomplishment as only 320 Texas Physical Therapists and 7,655 therapists nationally have attained this recognition (as of 2012).

The APTA administered the first specialty exam in 1985 in an effort to promote a reliable and valid method of certification for therapists who have attained an advanced level of knowledge and skill in specialty areas. This promotes the highest possible level of care for individuals seeking physical therapy services in each specialty area.

We are so very proud of this accomplishment and thank Corsicana, Fairfield and surrounding communities for their support and encouragement.

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FAIRFIELD.       Daily Burn, even Spanish classes

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Fairfield:  THIS IS IT!

50s, 60s?  Nervous you don’t know what to do?  Might look awkward doing it?  Started, then stopped, then started again – just to stop again?
That’s Betty.  6 months later she’s 30# lighter. 
Join the Early Morning Group . . . cause THIS IS IT!
March 5th was the beginning of my final journey to get the weight off and keep it off. So, I begged my sister one more time to help me with my work outs because “This is It!” We started at four days a week to meet at 6:00-7:00 a.m. at Lott’s Fitness Center. I found that others were also working out at this time who were dealing with the same weight challenges that I seem to have.

My program has been designed for me (one Big Mama) so I started out slowly with cardio and weights training on a consistent basis with just wise eating choices. As I dropped some weight and strengthen my body, the program was changed to accommodate the ability to handle the next step. Knowing that I have someone who will be waiting for me at Lott’s with a plan for my daily work out keeps me focused. My sister will call me or come get me if I don’t show up!

Started at 215 lbs. in March and now nearly six months later, I am down to 184 lbs. Come join me and the rest of team at Lott’s if you have decided that “This is it!”

Betty Heil: Fairfield, Texas