What a Great Facility!

What a great facility for Corsicana! Just graduated from PT there and am in the Fitness Center portion with a great supervised program. All the PT’s and staff are great! Congrats to them and a Blessing they chose Corsicana for their #2 facility!

Nancy & Phil Smith

This Is It!

March 5th was the beginning of my final journey to get the weight off and keep it off. So, I begged my sister one more time to help me with my work outs because “This is It!” We started at four days a week to meet at 6:00-7:00 a.m. at Lott Fitness Center. I found that others were also working out at this time who were dealing with the same weight challenges that I seem to have. My program has been designed for me (one Big Mama) so I started out slowly with cardio and weights training on a consistent basis with just wise eating choices. Knowing that I have someone who will be waiting for me at Lott’s with a plan for my daily work out keeps me focused. My sister will call me or come get me if I don’t show up! Started at 215 lbs. in March and now nearly six months later, I am down to 184 lbs. Come join me and the rest of team at Lott’s if you have decided that “This is it!” Betty Heil: Fairfield, Texas

I Feel Better!

Never do I not feel better after my work out at Lotts. My doctor is amazed how in control my diabetes has become. I owe it to Lotts.

Leita Holder Poteet

I Got my Life Back!

I GOT MY LIFE BACK!!!!!! I am 61 years old. I have a severe autoimmune inflammatory condition. To add, I also had a stroke plus a mini stroke and two open heart surgeries. In 2007, my condition was so severe that I entered the hospital almost completely paralyzed – according to my doctor, I was in the process of dying. Enter Lott Physical Therapy & Fitness Center . . . MY HERO! My doctor and I discussed physical therapy over the years, but a facility that could meet my needs both short and long term was not yet available in Corsicana. My doctor waited until Lott arrived in Corsicana . . . he knew that when therapy was over I needed a program to continue the work therapy had started so that I would not only maintain what I had gained but would also continue to see improvement. Dr Whitman set me up in the Fitness Center with a personalized program and Afton, the Fitness Center certified trainer, keeps me challenged, but safe. I just keep improving and improving. GOD BLESS YOU LOTT PHYSICAL THERAPY AND FITNESS CENTER!

Rachelle Casey

Physical Therapy program is top-notch!

I Just wanted to let everyone know that the Physical Therapy program at Lotts in Corsicana is top-notch. I attribute my successful recovery, from extensive back surgery, to the perfectly designed program that Dr. Lott prepared for me. He and Suzanne are both very caring and talented therapists. My treatment continually increased in intensity as my strength and flexibility improved. My PT is finished, I am now enrolled in the Fitness Center division of this beautiful facility, and am more physically fit than I have been in 30 years. Thank you Dr. Lott & Suzanne for helping me return to the normal life that I thought was a thing of the past!

Rebekah's Experience with the Lott Fitness Center Family

Lott family,

Thank you so much for organizing a summer shape up challenge.  I was not in shape when I agreed to sign up with a friend.  Your front office staff members were so helpful – explaining the usefulness of each piece of equipment, encouraging us each time they saw us enter the gym, and answering any questions we had throughout the challenge.  If a gym tool was not functioning, someone was always there repairing the machine.  We never had to wait for a machine to be fixed. There was plenty of gym equipment to accommodate all gym members. It is so helpful to have a free body composition test every 2 weeks as well.  Such useful information is given out and explained.  During our 6 week challenge, new equipment arrived! Therapists that came in and out of the gym recognized us and were helpful and friendly.  Thanks again for organizing the challenge – I am now 19 pounds lighter and working at an 8.5 interval on the treadmill!  Lott Fitness Center is an amazing facility with such qualified staff!

Rebekah M

Because of You, I can Do Things Like This!

Thanks Dr. Lott,

Because of YOU I can do things like this!