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Lott family, Thank you so much for organizing a summer shape up challenge.  I was not in shape when I agreed to sign up with a friend.  Your front office staff members were so helpful - explaining the usefulness of each piece of equipment, encouraging us each time they saw us enter the gym, and answering any questions we had throughout the challenge.  If a gym tool was not functioning, someone was always there repairing the machine.  We never had to wait for a machine to be fixed. There was plenty of gym equipment to accommodate all gym members. It is so helpful to have a free body composition test every 2 weeks as well.  Such useful information is given out and explained.  During our 6 week challenge, new equipment arrived! Therapists that came in and out of the gym recognized us and were helpful and friendly.  Thanks again for organizing the challenge - I am now 19 pounds lighter and working at an 8.5 interval on the treadmill!  Lott Fitness Center is an amazing facility with such qualified staff! Rebekah M

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